Steel (norm-) ventilation gratings

Ventilatierooster SFT Type IN80Steel (norm-) ventilation gratings are also called “norm-gratings” or “industrial gratings”. Steel ventilation gratings are available with a very high airflow-rate of 80%. Because of this very high airflow-rate, these gratings are ideal for situations where forced cooling is applied. Because steel gratings are very high loadable, they (what’s in a name) are widely used in industrial environments.

Material & construction

Steel gratings are made of (afterwards) galvanized steel support- and crossbars. The support bars take the load and are supported on both sides by the framework of the grating. The support bars are interconnected by crossbars, also supported on both sides by the framework of the grating. The center-to-center distance of the support bars is 30 mm, which also is the mesh-size. Other mesh-sizes are available upon request. Please note that the application of a different mesh size changes the airflow-rate and loadability!


Due to the material and construction of the gratings, they are resistant to high distributed and point loads. The maximum distributed load is 56.620 N/m², the maximum point load 5.088 N. By adapting our standard support grid (substructure) of the removable raised floor system, it can meet the same high distributed loadability (upon special request). 

Ventilatierooster SFT Type IN80 anti-slip 1Finish

Different finishes of steel ventilation gratings are limited available.
Optionally the gratings can be anti-skid equipped (serrated support- and crossbars). Also they can additionally (after galvanizing) be powder-coated in different colours.


Click here to see a schematic overview of the technical specifications (PDF).

Click here for an explanation of options and features (PDF).