Chipboard ventilation panels

Ventilatiepaneel SFT Type 1-6/2-6This ventilation panel is available with a airflow of 6%.
Due to the relatively low airflow these panels are often applied in case of an atmospheric connection between the space below and above the raised floor (no forced-air pressure and / or cooling).

Material & construction

The high density chipboard floor ventilation panel has got 196 drillings of Ø 12 mm in order to achieve a airflow of 6%. A larger amount of drillings may lead to a reduced breaking and maximum concentrated load.


Chipboard ventilation panels are available with almost all the same finishes as regular floor panels. The use of (deep-pile) carpet is not preferred.
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The bottomside can be finished with a aluminium foil (thickness 0,05 mm, variant SFT Type 1-6) or steel plate (thickness 0,4 of 0,5 mm, variant SFT Type 2-6).

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Flow chart-ventilation panels