Information system SB1973

System Floor Technics system SB1973 is a traditional raised access floor out of height-adjustable pedestals (also “struts”) in which floor panels are installed.


M16 left, M20 right


The pedestals of system SB1973 can be performed as M16 and/or M20 variant, depending on building height and application. The lower part of a M16/M20 pedestal is mounted on the structural subfloor by application of a permanent elastic polyurethane adhesive sealant (1K glue paste). Because the glue paste is permanent elastic, small vibrations can be absorbed without getting detached. The sealant has an excellent adhesion to different kind of materials like glass, aluminium, steel, wood, polyester, PVC, ceramic, stone, (power floated) concrete, sand concrete etcetera. The lower and upper part are to each other adjustable in height by thread. Upon the upper part comes a plastic cap + floor panel. An M20 pedestal is easier to adjust and more flexible applicable as a M16 pedestal.

Optionaly, sometimes desirable, pedestals can also be attached to the structural subfloor with nail plugs. At building heights +440 mm the usage of so called “stringers” is recommended to provide some lateral stability to the floor.

For installation of system SB1973 it is necessary for the structural subfloor to be out of power floated concrete or out of levelled sand-concrete.

It is also possible, depending on the condition of the subfloor and the application, to be made out of wood.

Raised floor system SB 1973 is used in offices and technical areas where there are no “severe” obstacles and where no extreme load (maximum of 15 kN/m²) is distributed on the floor.

When pipes and / or cables have to be accessible and floor panels must be replaceable at all times, system SB1973 is a good choice.


System SB1973 is normally applied by Technics Floor System up to a height of 660 mm. Greater building heights are possible but not preferred in view of the lack of lateral stability of the floor jacks.

For this reason, we recommend (depending of application) for building heights over 440 mm to use so-called “stringers” in order to provide some lateral stability. We are pleased to advice you on choosing an appropriate flooring solution.

Click here or on the images to download the technical specifications of raised access floor system SB1973.
Kantoorvloer SB1973