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Information system BW792

System Floor Technics (SFT) system BW792 is a removable raised access floor made out of a steel substructure of heavy 1” floor pedestals. Heavy 60x60x2 C-sections are mounted on top of the 1″ floor pedestals with an ingenious and flexible construction. This construction allows to place pedestals on every place over the X, Y and Z-axis of the grid. In this way nearly every obstacle is to overcome. Due to the weight and rigidity of the construction, which is supported on the structural sub-floor in a self-centering load distributing plate, it is not necessary to glue, seal or fix the pedestals and plates to the structural sub-floor. The result is, unlike a conventional raised access floor like SFT system SB1973, a rigid construction which is able to carry heavy loads.

On top of the substructure, adapted to the socket sizes of equipment to be placed upon the raised floor, so called frames for equipment can be placed which provide optimal trough-/input space for cables, pipes etc.
Due to these “open frames”
cooling air can easily flow through the equipment, which means less noise and lower energy use. Frames for equipment are also called “levelling frames” because the thickness of the frames is equal to the floor panels. This is aesthetically pleasing, but main reason is that it is easier to place equipment on the frames.

Great advantage over a “conventional raised floor” is that all the floor panels are removable without that the substructure becomes unstable. Because system BW792 does not depend on wall-support, the floor can be installed even free-standing in a room. With achievable building heights of 175-2.200 mm and a capacity of 61 kN/m² in grid variant 600 x 600 mm system BW792 is the raised access floor system meeting the highest specifications available on the market!

Onderconstructie raster 1.200 x 600 mm
Kopplaat BW792

Due to the self-supporting sub-structure it is possible to make use of a temporary substructure covering out of 18 mm (OSB-2/sterling board/smart-ply) plates during the construction period. When this temporary covering is double laid, it is possible to draw equipment easily on the frames for equipment and moreover there is no risk of damage to the final floor finish during the construction period.

System BW792 is used where there are high demands on the accessibility of cables, pipes, hoses and/or channels. Rooms which meet this kind of specs are for example control rooms, high-, medium- and low voltage rooms, laboratories, data-centres, air traffic control centers, MCC rooms etc.

Even tribunes can be made with system BW792!


The advantages of system BW792:

  • Very heavy load capacity: grid 600×600 mm to 61 kN/ with the possibility to engineer up to (much) higher capacity upon request.

  • Floor panel independent set-up of equipment: easy maintenance, optimal trough-/input space and maximum air flow through the use of frames, adapted to the socket sizes of equipment.

  • An existing substructure is easy adjustable when your equipment should be extended in the future.

  • System BW792 is easy to include into the ground potential of your installation: only 2 grounding clamps/50 m² required.

  • During the construction period system BW792 can be equipped with a temporary substructure covering out of 18 mm (OSB-2/sterling board/smart-ply) plates to prevent damage to the final floor finish.

  • All kinds of possible options are making the use of your floor safer, easier and more efficient: compartmentalisation, stairs, ramps, (hand-)railings, cable tray support, spare fields for equipment etcetera!

Click here or on the images above to download technical data of system BW792.