Applications system SB1973

Raised access floor system SB1973 is maily used in server rooms. office buildings and other whether or not technical areas where there are no “severe” obstacles and where no extreme load (maximum of 15 kN/m²) is distributed on the floor.

Raised floor system SB1973 is in addition to the aforementioned applications also used in:

  • Control rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Cleanrooms

Floor panels of raised floor system SB1973 are removable at all times. When the floor has to stay rigid during work underneath the surface of the raised floor, the floor panels have to removed chess-wise. In that way the corners of the floor panel will stay connected, essential to work safely. This is one of the main differences with our superior floor system “BW792”: all the floor panels of system BW792 can be removed at all times without endangering the lateral stability of the construction.

We are pleased to advice you on choosing an appropriate flooring solution for your application.

Kantoorvloer SB1973.