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Applications system BW792

System Floor Technics (SFT) system BW792 is used where there are high demands on the accessibility of cables, pipes, hoses and/or channels. Rooms which meet this kind of specs are for example control rooms, high-, medium- and low voltage rooms, laboratories, data-centres, air traffic control centers, MCC rooms etc.
For the conditioning of rooms where equipment is set-up and/or the (specific) conditioning of (specific) equipment: system BW792 is the solution.

Because of the highly flexible (theconstruction allows to place pedestals on every place over the X, Y and Z-axis of the grid), removable (work under the raised floor is easy to perform) and afterwards adaptable construction, raised access floor BW792 is applicable in nearly every situation.

In the following situations raised access floor BW792 is often applied:

  • Datacenters, patch en server rooms
  • Maritime environment & platforms (offshore)
  • Transformer rooms
  • LV-, MV-, HV- & MCC-rooms
  • Office floors
  • Tribunes
Tribune BW792