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Accessories & options system SB1973

For raised access floor system SB1973 there are several options. Below you can see the “standard” options in our range. If you have specific needs, please contact us.

Steel and wooden staircases

Staircases are used to walk from the structural floor to the level of the raised floor and vice versa.

Stairs are available in two variants:
– Steel stairs: Stairs from hot-dip galvanized steel according to NEN-EN-ISO 1461, custom made upon request. Equipped with gratings steps in according to NEN-EN-ISO 24531.
– Wooden stairs: trap: Custom made staircase made of high density chipboard 28 mm finished with black checker plate rubber AS finished with aluminium strips.

Staircases can be carried out with (hand-)railings on one or each side.


A ramp is used to walk or roll (for instance a pallet- or handtruck) from the structural floor to the level of the raised floor and vice versa.
The ramps are carried out, depending on the length, height and slope, in wood and or steel substructure.

The surface is made of 28mm plywood finished with black checker plate rubber AS (antistatic).


Railings are used to protect against the risk of falling and is applied at the edges of the raised floor such as compartmentalisations, next to ramps and staircases.




Compartmentalisation is applied for shielding and partitioning the open side of the raised floor. Compartmentalisation is made out of 28mm high density chipboard finished with black checker plate rubber AS (antistatic).

(Standard) equalization frames for equipment

Standard equalization frames are used for equipment positioning independent of floor panels. Usually frames are made on the base dimensions of the future cabinet which is to be placed on raised floor level. At places where a frames is placed, all the space within the base dimensions of the equipment is available for cables, pipelines and hoses for technical applications. Direct air-cooling in equipment cabinets is in this way also possible , therefore air speed is kept low which assures minimal noise output. The load capacity of frames can be customized by placing additional pedestals underneath the frame.

Frames and substructure can easily be included in the ground potential of the installation of the building.

Frames for equipment are made out of zinc plated rectangle box profiles 60x40x2 mm.


Floor coating/dust binder

Before installing a raised floor, System Floor Technics can apply a floor coating to the structural subfloor.
Usually we apply Caparol Disbon 400. Upon your request we can also apply any other floor coating to the structural subfloor of the building.

Earthing clamps

Earthing clamps are applied to include the raised floor in the ground potential of the installation. Only 2 earthing clamps per 50m² are required!

If required, we have a DEKRA (former KEMA) report available on this issue.



Floor sockets

Floor sockets are available integrated in floor panels. These socket outlets can be used for power and/or data.